A Divorce Line in Female Hand

A Divorce Line in Female Hand

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A divorce line on the female hand is often a sign of trouble in the union. If the line is straight and deep, it indicates a stable marriage. However, if the line is not parallel to the middle of the finger, it means a relationship that is not working out. This can also be a sign of infidelity.

How can I find my love marriage in palmistry?

If the divorce line in female hand is crossed by a fate line, it can be a sign of a divorce or separation. It may also be indicative of a love marriage. If there is a divorce line in the hand of a woman with a love marriage, it may mean that the couple will break up.

A woman’s marriage line can be deep and distinct, or it can be faint and fine. It may also extend up to the mount of Mercury. A woman who has two marriage lines on her hand is likely to have two or more marriages in her lifetime. The more marriage lines she has in her hand, the more likely she is to get a divorce.

A female’s marriage line might be far from her heart line, which indicates an older age. On the other hand, a marriage line that is close to her heart line indicates a younger age.

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