accelerate the pace

A couple weeks ago Ryan overheard Jeff and I discussing calendars and scheduling. His ears must have perked up when we started talking about Accelerate the Pace, as it’s an event he loves to go to. What wasn’t so amazing was finding out that the annual Seattle YGuides campout is the same weekend. Ryan was devastated. I found him crying in his bed saying, “But I want to do the race, but I want to do the race.” I tried to comfort him (admittedly not my best attempt as we were both a little on the edge during the teacher strike) but he was having nothing of it. Thanks to Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck he was also upset with me because we didn’t have Direct TV. #awesome

As I told a group of the girls later, it meant a lot to us that they have created an event so special and fun that my son was in tears because he couldn’t attend. As I have said before our Eastside Chapter embarked with this vision and it has been so amazing to watch that vision become a reality. If you haven’t been to the ATP, now is your chance! The best part is that it’s an event your whole family can participate in. You can walk, run, watch the awesome kid’s race or just join in the excitement by wandering the grounds of Marymoor Park. Simply register here!

Many thanks to our fabulous Eastside Chapter, along with their sponsors, for putting together another great event!  See you next Saturday…