Best Navy SEAL Watches of 2023

Best Navy SEAL Watches of 2023

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At their most basic, military watches are geared toward people who live on the edge. That’s soldiers of fortune, paratroopers, marines and extreme athletes — anyone who might have to hop out of a plane or dive into the ocean at a moment’s notice. That doesn’t mean you can’t reap the rewards of a good tactical watch if you’re not a professional, but there are some specific features to look for when buying a military-style timepiece.

Which country invented watch?

For one thing, legibility is essential. Look for a watch with a large, easy-to-read dial that’s well lit thanks to a luminescent coating or backlight. It should also have a unidirectional bezel for measuring depth, and a rugged case that can stand up to the roughest of environments.

Luminox is one of the most reliable brands for a SEAL watch, and its 3051 EVO model packs all the necessary features into a durable yet sleek design. Its self-illuminating hands and bezel will glow for 25 years, and the water-resistant watch can reach deeper than 600 feet. Check this out :

If you’re looking for something more reminiscent of the types of military watches that American GIs actually wore in combat, check out the no-date Marathon Pilot Navigator. Designed primarily for pilots and paratroopers, it’s built to exacting government specifications with features like self-illuminating tritium gas tubes and a high-impact fibre shell case. It’s also rated to 6 ATM for use in conditions where rapid pressure changes are common, meaning you can count on this military-grade timepiece to stay accurate.

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