big boise thanks!

This past Wednesday night we had the chance to spend the evening in Boise with 200+ supporters of our Boise Chapter! I wish I could capture for you the sense of beauty and energy in one room! It was super encouraging for us to see so many supporters and meet new friends of BTF – a testament to the “ripple effect” we have been talking about. Thank you to everyone who came and spent your Wednesday night with us!

The fabulous event took place on top of the new Zion’s Bank Building…

zion's bank pic

 Image 3
This was the incredible view!

The evening started with a lovely cocktail hour featuring musician Brandon Pritchett. As the sun was setting on 180 degree view of Boise we sat down for a delicious dinner catered by April Hale. Then Jeff, Dr. Jensen and I had the chance to share what Ben Towne Foundation and the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research are doing together in partnership: changing the way we treat and cure kids.

This message clearly resonated and we were overwhelmed by the generosity and enthusiasum of everyone gathered. On top of that it was clear to us that childhood cancer does not discriminate – and it certainly doesn’t have state boundaries. We met Beth, whose son died of cancer over a decade ago. We met Andrea, whose daughter died this past August. We met Mark, whose brother died of neuroblastoma in the 1970’s. We met Mary, whose son is just finishing treatment for medulloblastoma and they are dealing with the ramifications and side effects. There were so many broken hearts in that room, including ours. That is why we are so grateful to this amazing group of women who have come alongside us to raise awareness and funding for this work.

Image 1
Our beautiful Boise Chapter!

boise garage sale
The garage sale they just put on two weeks ago!

Our immense appreciation goes out to the fabulous BTF Boise Chapter event committee of Dana, Kate, Molly, Kirstin, and Heather along with supporting members Sarah, Martha, Rachel, Andrea, Marianne, Lindsay, Ellen, Chelsea, Maureen, Melanie, Karen and Heather! Additional thanks to Kate Holgate and event sponsors Carissa and Byron Hills, Howard and Becky King, and Kirk Calzacorta!

It was an honor to be in Boise with all of you and we look forward to our next visit! Stay tuned on our Boise Chapter’s Facebook page for more updates and photos…