breaking news

Yesterday we had the privilege of sharing some incredible news with all of you. If you didn’t get a chance to see/read it, or aren’t on Facebook (though you can access the BTF page without having a personal account since it is public), then I wanted to make sure you saw the coverage both online and on KOMO News.

From Dr. Michael Jensen, Director of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research:

“We are all jumping for joy for our patient! This is an important step forward towards accomplishing what we have all set out to do, together as a community, to send childhood cancers to the medical history books. We have a lot of work to do. There are still many more questions than answers and big challenges to overcome. For today, though, we are marking an important milestone for children who have or will someday face leukemia.”

It is hard to put into words how this feels. We know the journey ahead will be filled with a lot of work and many unknowns. We know that other childhood cancers are anxiously awaiting us. We know that this amazing young woman’s recovery is not over. But these past few days our hearts have been filled with so much emotion. How we longed to hear the words “no cancer” in relation to Ben. How we hoped, begged, prayed, pleaded and cried. If I go too far down that path of remembrance I will not return for sometime. So I pause. I honor that sorrow and then say thank you – to all of you – for the vast ways in which you have come alongside Ben Towne Foundation. It is overwhelming to think about how you all have invested your time, talents and finances to get us to this place. Some days I wonder why aren’t these people deciding to get involved with an organization that focuses on some kind of “feel good” mission?

But this is about life and death. The stakes are high. And we have put our stake down at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research – believing that together we can change the way pediatric cancers are treated and cured. Thank you for doing the same. For believing, for remaining, for hoping for a better future for children who face a cancer diagnosis. 

As we approach Ben’s Birthday next week we hold on to this milestone. With remembrance, hope and with gratitude – for you.

PS  – on Tuesday we will be releasing The Mighty T, a charming animated short film that describes the process of reprogramming the immune system to cure cancer. The Mighty T, produced by our creative partners at The Academy, premiered at our Monsters University event!