callie's new logo

Just over a year ago, our dear friends Ryan and Mollie began Callie’s Coffee in their garage. Their daughter Callie was a sweet friend of Ben’s and in the aftermath of his life has dreamed way beyond her years. You can see/hear her story here

It has been extremely humbling for us to see the way in which this compassionate family, and now a community at large, have embraced Callie’s vision and made giving to Ben Towne Foundation a “seemless part of what we do everyday.”

From their garage, to spilling over into their house, to an office with a staff and now beyond…it is amazing how much they have accomplished in just a year. And yesterday they unveiled Callie’s 2.0 – with the mission to become a meaningful, sustainable and ongoing source of funding for childhood cancer.  

new callie's bags
The look had changed, but the delicious coffee hasn’t!

There will be more to share in the weeks to come, but today we want to say thank you to those of you who support BTF through Callie’s. Thank you for choosing Callie’s. And to Callie and her incredible family – thank you for choosing us. We are grateful.