cars 2


When we first heard that Pixar was working on Cars 2, our hearts broke open with grief. How could Ben not be here for this? How could we even watch it without him? Like cancer, his death – and so many things since then – it just seemed like a cruel joke. But as it got closer we started to think, “What if we could turn this into a big party?”  “What if we could watch this with all of Ben’s Friends?”  “What if we had a private screening???”


Please join us for a private screening of Disney Pixar’s Cars 2! Space will be limited, so reserve your seats now. We hope you will use this event as an opportunity to introduce your friends, neighbors, colleagues and extended families to Ben Towne Foundation. It should be great fun!  Ka-chow!

Saturday, June 25th
Bellevue Lincoln Square Cinemas

To register click here