thank you

This story began with Ben. It continued because of you. We will never be able to express our deep gratitude for all the ways you... Read More

my voice

As some of you know before our life took this little “detour” I was an actor. I did some writing while completing my MFA at the... Read More

dear ben

Dear Ben, Ryan asked the other day why we don’t have Christmas stockings. I deflected the question because I don’t know how to tell him…”I... Read More

dear ryan

Dear Ryan, Today you are eight. Your love of sports, school, your friends and cousins fills much of our daily life. If I took a... Read More

a witness

*Originally posted on August 26th, 2010. Reposted in honor of our 20th today.* There have been many times since Ben’s death that I have pondered... Read More

i’m okay

Recently our son Ryan had to get his first filling. He was feeling anxious, understandably – let my medical records show I was not. On the... Read More

a glimpse

The other day on my way home I quickly breezed through the grocery store grabbing the items I needed. I will never be a grocery... Read More

this house

On Thanksgiving Day 2008 Ben made the gingerbread house pictured above with Aunt Kim. He didn’t eat a single piece of candy, for he had... Read More
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