childhood cancer awareness month

Welcome to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Were you aware that September even was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Neither was I for most of my life. We all know that October is breast cancer awareness month – as pink has permeated everything – from yogurt to the NFL. Yet, childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of kids in our country. Number one. So for the next few weeks (and really all year) we will try to do our part. Some of you read this article already via our Facebook page, but I wanted to repost it here, as I cannot say it better myself.

Over the next few weeks we are going to do something fun – as we bring awareness to this disease. We are going to feature some of the children who were busy over the summer helping Ben Towne Foundation. Their ideas and efforts were so awesome and proved what we know to be true: that it doesn’t matter what age you are to make a difference. We can all change the way kids are treated and cured from childhood cancer.

We will culminate with our kid’s summer coin drive on September 23rd and then of course the benefit on September 28th. It is going to be an exciting month! So stay tuned via the blog, Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all…