clear eyes, full hearts

Jeff and I spent the dreary Seattle winter months watching the entire series of Friday Night Lights. How in the world did it take us this long to discover this? Why were we so late to the party? Oh wait, our son was sick and dying. Right. Anyways, thankfully we finally arrived in Dillon, Texas – and not a moment too soon. This was hands-down the best television drama that I have ever seen – the acting and writing were incredible (minus one random story line in season two). As we got closer to the end of series I started becoming increasingly sad. I didn’t want to depart with this show, nor it’s characters that were now my friends. The last ten minutes of the series finale felt like a horrible break up.

It has been weeks now. And I miss them. Not like I miss Ben – I’m not that crazy. But still…I miss them. I think about the Taylors, Riggins, Landry, Tyra, Matt Seracen and Julie, Buddy Garrity and more. I wonder how Jason Street is doing in NYC. Oh wait… he isn’t there for real. He is just an actor. Maybe I am crazy.

Luckily, spring has semi-arrived in Seattle. And with it, there have been some lovely people in our real lives lately – people that have huddled around the work we are doing. Supporters who truly have clear eyes and full hearts. Here are just a few of them:

Our family friends Pam and Roger generously gave of their time and gas to drive wine to Boise, Idaho for our upcoming event there.

Ray – our good friend and incredibly talented designer who continues to design gorgeous work for us with as much thought and perfection as if he were working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The hand-written check that arrives every month in the mailbox from our dear friends. Opening that check is a reminder of so many of you who are contributing monthly to research at the Center.

Our sweet and darling neighbor Justine who brought over a jar to us recently. It contained money that she has been saving all year to give to BTF through her hard work!  We continue to be amazed by kids who just get this – the definition of clear eyes and full hearts!

And so many more…

So while I pine for Coach Taylor and just a few more “y’all” quotes from Tami – I am thankful for the real people in our life who are part of our small, but growing, towne. Thank you!