coin drive!

Part of being a “new” organization means constantly attempting things for the first time. The learning curve for us has been steep these past two years. Thankfully we have had more successes than failures. I suppose you could call our coin drive on Sunday a success and a failure all at the same time! Coinstar did not take us seriously when we said we had a lot of generous supporters. And consequently we shut down their machine at University Village after only forty minutes! I suppose that is a good problem to have – although it inconvenienced a lot of families who made the extra effort to come to Seattle and see their totals add up – for that we are very sorry. Perhaps next time they will believe us when we tell them we have an incredibly motivated and large group of donors!

We quickly moved to “plan B” though and were happy and thankful to receive all these fabulous blue boxes full of effort. Part way through we realized we were going to need a shopping cart as our table began to overflow!

post-Coinstar blow up!

Jeff and I loved hearing from so many of your kids about what they did to collect coins (and dollars!). From doing their chores, to selling toys, to eating their dinner, to selling lemonade, to going on “coin hunts”, to a Carnival and bake sales, the list just kept going and we were incredibly grateful for their huge hearts and willingness to “help kids with cancer have better medicine”. Thank you so much to all the families who have participated this campaign. We will post pictures later this week on Facebook! And there is still time this month to visit a Coinstar near you! You will find directions on how to make your deposit come to BTF here.

(because why not wear a birthday hat?)

On a personal family note, you will be glad to know that Ryan happily contributed all three of his coin boxes. The lollipop at the end was definitely worth it! Many thanks to Jesse, Kendall, Emma, and the Roth family for their time and willingness to volunteer!

We look forward to seeing so many of you on Friday for our benefit 2012!