This is, or will be once it is fully outfitted, the Center for Childhood Cancer. It is real. It is concrete. It is at 1100 Olive – right across from the Honda dealership downtown (RIP my little ’85 Prelude). They recently painted the outside of this facility, announcing it as part of Seattle Children’s Research Institute. If it were up to me, I personally would not have selected the brownish grey color – after all I am a winter and look best in jewel tones – but rather I would have chosen bright orange or yellow, as if to say “WARNING: CANCER WILL DIE HERE”.

This building has been dedicated solely to pediatric cancer research. Yes, you read that right. THIS building has been dedicated SOLELY to pediatric cancer research. And the sight of it literally makes my heart rate go up. It is being outfitted as I type this into cutting edge laboratories. Jeff and I had the chance to tour the facility with Dr. Jensen last month – to essentially see the “before” and then this spring will be the “after”. Dr. Jensen is recruiting and will be leading a team of pediatric cancer researchers. Here. In this building. In this city. The research that comes from this address is going to change the way children are treated and cured from cancer.

And it doesn’t get more concrete than delivering a check today for $525,000. This is our first contribution to the Center for Childhood Cancer and we look forward to more disbursements in the future. 

Thank you to everyone who has so compassionately and generously given to this vision and the work that is about to be done.  Stay tuned for information in the new year as to when you can see this amazing space for yourself! Hopefully by then Nate Berkus will have been consulted regarding the color palette. 

With Gratitude,
Carin and Jeff