Two years ago, right about this time, Jeff and I were having happy hour with my cousin Mark and his wife Courtney. They were newly married and we were catching up on life. In the midst of our conversation we learned that Courtney had recently left her job at Tommy Bahama and was looking to transition into the non-profit world. Jeff and I locked eyes across the table as if to say, “Are you thinking what I am thinking?” For the decision to move to CenturyLink for our benefit 2014 was going to require an addition to our small but mighty staff to help us take our event to the next level.

We sheepishly contacted Courtney a few days later on email with our proposal. It was cased in statements like, “You probably aren’t interested,” “we are so small,” “you may not want to work with family,” but “would you, could you, mighty you consider…please?” The next month Courtney joined our BTF team.

On paper Courtney brought with her vast trade show, eCommerce and marketing experience to BTF. What a resume could not tell you though was how brilliantly organized, thoughtful, kind, fun and amazing she would be to work with. Courtney has been BTF’s Olivia Pope (minus the presidential affair) – smart, confident, beautiful, impeccably dressed with the ability to always say “it’s handled.”

Courtney oversaw every single aspect of our last two benefits and as those of you who have been involved in event planning know, the details are seemingly endless. But every single one of them was thought through and executed perfectly under Courtney’s hand. To say that we couldn’t have pulled these events off without her would be a gross understatement. Furthermore those of you who attended our 2014 or 2015 benefit know she not only pulled it off – she knocked it out of the park!

wilk family2
Courtney, Mark and Rowan on a post-benefit celebration trip!

It has been a busy and full two years at BTF and in the midst of all of this Courtney and Mark welcomed their sweet daughter Rowan; it is a new chapter for them. So as her time with BTF comes to an end we want to say publicly “thank you Courtney”. You have been a total gift to us and we love you so much. We will miss our working relationship, but thankfully we are family – so we’ll look forward to celebrating the holidays with you! :)