dana, frank & rowan

A special birthday party

We are family friends with Carin and Jeff, in fact Jeff married us 7+ years ago. We followed their blog and were deeply affected by the devastating loss of Ben and his tragic battle with cancer. Having a son of our own now, we feel a deep connection to their mission to cure pediatric cancer. Like the Towne and Bushnell families we don’t believe that anyone should have to go through what Ben did, especially children.

Rowan’s birthday falls on a very special day for our family. We lost twin girls at 23 weeks pregnant – then, by surprise, we got pregnant and delivered Rowan on the exact same day one year later. He is a very special little guy and our story is somewhat miraculous. I always felt that Rowan would do special things in his life and figured why not start now, on his 1st Birthday. Seeing as though he definitely did not need any more toys or gifts we decided to ask for donations to Ben Towne Foundation.

We threw a big birthday bash for our angels and for Rowan. We sent out invitations with an insert that included information about Ben Towne Foundation (from the website). We asked that in lieu of gifts the guests please bring a donation. We had a computer set up so everyone could easily make donations online, as well as had a place where they could leave a check or an anonymous cash donation.

It worked out better than I could have imagined! I expected that people would give the amount they would’ve spend on a birthday gift, but we found that everyone was much more generous. We raised $1465! It definitely felt great to not only raise money for an incredible cause, but also to get the word out to all of our friends on the amazing work that Ben Towne Foundation is doing. I know that when Rowan is old enough to know what was done in his honor, he will be very happy. And, hopefully he will continue to contribute to wonderful causes such as Ben Towne Foundation.


Thank you Dana, Frank and sweet Rowan – for your generosity and vision! And a special shout out to all of our supporters in Boise, Idaho – thank you! Go Broncos (except in fall 2012 at Husky Stadium)!