fall…but summer coins remain


Well fall has officially arrived here in Seattle. It went from 70 degrees and sunny to 50 and rainy in a matter of 48 hours. The Towne family is having a hard time with this seasonal transition. I shed a tear moving my flip-flops from next to the front door to back upstairs in the closet. My feet seemed to be silently screaming, “Nooooooooo we hate shoes!” Ryan got in trouble for not having a jacket at school. I tried to explain to the teacher that this change has been very sudden for us. The extended summer weather here had falsely lured me into thinking that I had been magically transported to living in Southern California. But in a matter of only a week summer seems so very far away. Leaves are falling, pumpkins have been taking over the grocery store, and our neighborhood once again looks like a cemetery.

I have been feeling rather down and irritable this past week for these reasons and a few others. So it was literally like post card from Hawaii when this news came into my inbox yesterday….

Summer Coin Drive 2012 grand total…$8300.90

This is so incredible!! Coinstar told us that an average first coin drive brings in about $600. We tried to tell them the families involved with Ben Towne Foundation do not fit the “average” charity demographic. They are incredibly motivated, generous and creative – as apparent by all the stories we have shared as well as this exciting total. Besides coins, we had lots of other “treasures” come our way as well via the fabulous blue boxes. There were bracelets, earrings, numerous foreign coins, tokens, jewels, and more. Our team got a huge kick out of the things your kiddos secretly stashed in their boxes. Take a closer look here and above…

Thank you so much to all the amazing kids and families who were part of our Summer Coin Drive. Your efforts, enthusiasm and kindness have truly brightened our day! We will hold onto this memory as we zip up our rain jackets and look forward to taking them off again some time in June.

And speaking of seasonal changes…stay tuned for our fun holiday announcement on Monday!


*Photos courtesy of www.jessegamble.com