giraffe project

Back in December, I had the chance to speak with a selected group of fourth and fifth graders at the McDonald International School (you may recall I wrote about this). They were working on their community “Giraffe Project”, studying “human giraffes” to help them prepare for their own service project. They shared with me that “a human giraffe has character traits kind of like an animal giraffe. They are someone with a big, caring heart that sticks their neck out for others. They look out for problems and are persistent until the problem is solved.”

After investigating numerous non-profit organizations this winter, they chose Ben Towne Foundation as their final project! In conjunction with their annual International Night, the students had a bake sale and staged an information/donation booth. They furthermore bravely asked people to sign a letter supporting an increase in funding for pediatric cancer research!

 mcdonald school 2

I was invited to visit their classes last week and listen to their sweet presentation, which recapped their efforts and project. It was definitely inspiring! Thank you so much to Katherine, Amber and the 4th and 5th graders at McDonald International School for sticking your necks out to help Ben Towne Foundation – we are grateful!

For those of you looking to do something philanthropic with your kids this summer, check out this new section on our website which shows the many ways kids have gotten involved to help raise awareness and funding for BTF. In the meantime, hope your summers are well spent!