grand opening

Last night I had the honor of emceeing the grand opening of the Center for Childhood Cancer Research. Though they still have some final machinery to move in in the next couple weeks – the Center is now open. The work will finally begin. To say it was emotional night would be an understatement. The combination of Ben’s approaching birthday and the incredible amount of hope and belief that we have in Dr. Jensen and the future of treating and curing pediatric cancer was at times so overwhelming I thought my head and heart would literally explode.

Doctors, oncologists, researchers, donors, friends, Seattle Children’s advocates and more gathered at the Hyatt before moving up the street to the Center for tours. The buzz was palpable. It was as if you could hear, see and smell hope. To be a small part of that hope was an honor.

The chance to see many of Ben’s doctors and care team in the same place was bittersweet. I wanted so intensely to run up to them and say, “We’re not sure how this dose of such and such is going…” for that would mean Ben was here and we were still taking care of him. His absence in their presence felt so very wrong. I was, however, reminded of how well he was taken care of – though the outcome might say differently.

But it is a new day here. As Seattle makes it mark on global health – pediatric cancer research will be represented. We stand firm in our commitment and support of the Center for Childhood Cancer Research – believing that from this institution we have the ability to change the meaning of cancer for children everywhere.

Thank you to all of you for your continued incredible generosity!


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