Is Andrew Tate’s New Community The Real World Legit?

Is Andrew Tate’s New Community The Real World Legit?

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The Real World Andrew Tate

Known for his overt displays of wealth and controversial opinions, former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate has amassed a massive following thanks to the rise of platforms like TikTok and YouTube. In fact, he’s one of the most searched men on Google. The multi-millionaire is now sharing his wealth-generation and disruptive marketing methods through a new community called The Real World, which offers online courses on everything from creating a website to setting up webcam chats. Learn more

But is The Real World legit? The site advertises that it’s a “global community of like-minded individuals” who aim to acquire an abundance of wealth. And it boasts that members can generate six-figure incomes using the system’s various wealth-creation options. It also has an affiliate program that rewards users who aggressively promote it on social medias such as TikTok and Instagram by giving them 48 per cent of sales commission for every new sign-up generated through their link.

The Andrew Tate Lifestyle: Luxury, Fitness, and Entrepreneurship

The Real World has been accused of operating as a pyramid scheme, with owners and members receiving revenue by recruiting other members to the platform. Tate himself has been accused of using his community to groom women into sex work, with leaked chats from The War Room revealing him discussing techniques for manipulating women and earning money from them.

However, the community has also been supported by a number of successful members who claim to have used the system to make money and change their lives. Marko, for example, claims that TRW’s dropshipping course taught him how to create a store on Shopify and use AutoDS software to automate a process that would otherwise take weeks.

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