FACT: Pediatric cancers receive less than 3% of the National Cancer Institute budget.


“For my Birthday I had a beach party. All my friends in kindergarten came. We had a slip and slide, but it was cold so we filled a pool with warm water so we had a hot tub.

My mom and dad told me about Ben Towne Foundation. I asked my friends instead of presents to bring a donation. I knew donations meant more than presents. But at the end of the day they ended up bringing presents too! I got 5 or 6 lip-glosses.  Before, I only had two – Arial sparkle and Tiana sparkle. Now all together I have 7.

After the party I dumped my whole piggy bank into the Ben Towne Foundation box so cancer will never be in our world again.”

Thank you Jaelyn! You have such a big heart. We too hope cancer will never be in our world again very soon!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing from our young philanthropists this month: Callie, Madeline, Mason and Jaelyn. And they are just a few. There have been so many amazing kids who have helped us this past year – Rowan, Merin, Lauren, Margaux, Kate, Audrey, Jacob, Rebekkah, Troop # 41132 and more. Some have given heart felt pennies – some have contributed significant dollars! But the number does not matter. What matters is that that their hearts are pointed in the right direction. What matters is that no one is too small to make a difference. And with their willingness to share about the work we are doing – our organization and movement grows.

Thank you to all these special kids and their parents – for their compassion and generosity. It is true what they say, that the apple never falls far from the tree. We look forward to seeing their parents and many of you at our benefit 2011 on Friday!