Our greatest hope for this foundation is to be a voice for pediatric cancer research – a voice for children who cannot speak for themselves. We will raise awareness by telling Ben’s story and sharing what is happening here in Seattle at the Center for Childhood Cancer. But this narrative is bigger than Ben. It is bigger than what happened to him. It has to be. It has to be the story of thousands of people who decide that children should not suffer and die from cancer and therefore do something about it.

Since our official launch in September there has been an incredible and enthusiastic response! We will be using “Stories” to highlight the ideas and ways in which people are making Ben Towne Foundation part of their family’s story.

We look forward to telling you more in the new year, but first let us introduce you to Jeane…

Carin has been a dear friend since Middle School. I met her in Miss Peggy’s start room in seventh grade and knew we would always be friends. I know this foundation led by Carin and Jeff will be successful because they are so passionate and driven. I admire their strength and perseverance through an extremely difficult experience, and I want to help support them any way I can while keeping Ben’s memory alive.

In trying to come up with an idea of how I could support them, I thought about the people in our extended community who know about Ben’s story but aren’t as familiar with the newly formed foundation. I wanted to get them connected. I thought about what I do in my daily life, activities and events I am involved in, and realized how easy it is to incorporate giving back and raising awareness into what I already do. I knew I had a forum to encourage others to learn about and support the foundation.

I host an annual holiday party and have asked my guests this year to consider donating to Ben Towne Foundation, and I have offered to match the donations made that evening. I feel that it is a small gesture I can make to help contribute, raise awareness and incorporate giving into things I am already doing. The holidays are about giving, celebrating and being thankful for all that we have in our lives.

My hope for the evening is that we can spread the word about the research that Ben Towne Foundation is supporting and contribute to combating pediatric cancer. I know this cause is near and dear to everyone’s hearts that have children, and know Ben’s story.


Thank you Jeane for a fantastic party on Saturday night! We are grateful for your participation and vision.