Wanted: full-time nanny for bereaved family. Oldest child died of cancer two weeks ago, one year old is aimlessly teetering around the house while mother is drugged in bed.

Sounds like an amazing job right? Tons of applicants? *sarcasm* I am guessing SitterCity wouldn’t have even let us post. But this was basically our verbal advertisement almost seven years ago. While the above may be slightly exaggerated for humor sake, it was not far from the truth. And yet, in our door bravely walked Kendall Gamble.

We had known Kendall for many years, dating back to her high school days at UPC, so there was history. We knew her to be steady, trustworthy, and incredibly responsible. But her willingness to step into our devastation showed us another amazing side of her – fearless and extremely compassionate. I realize how “lucky” I was as a newly bereaved mother to be able to have someone like her in our life and I will always be grateful for the care she gave Ryan during that time.

Fast-forward two years, BTF was off and running at record speed and consequently we were drowning in administrative needs. Who could we trust to enter our house for work? Who would be mature and responsible enough to handle donor information and relations? Who could learn quickly and grow alongside us as BTF continued to evolve? It took us about two seconds to answer that question….Kendall.

After spilling hot tea all over her, I pitched her the job. That was March of 2012. Since then Kendall has become the magician behind the curtain – the expert on all things BTF, the person who keeps the ship afloat, the one who knows the answer to everything (or will hunt it down if she doesn’t)! Kendall has been an incredible jack-of-all-trades; she has mastered generating reports, database systems, registration programs, project coordination, donor relations and more. I think what is most remarkable to me about her skill set is that in the midst of overseeing so much no detail goes unnoticed. Seriously…nothing. Kendall remembers everything, everyone and anticipates every turn along the way, all while always keeping a great sense of humor. We could not have sustained or grown BTF without her and to say we have been grateful for her professional and personal work would be a gross understatement.

It is very fitting that she will stay on with us through Q1 of 2016 to help us bring BTF to a final close. When her time is over we will have an official celebration. But because we will be publicly closing at the end of December I wanted to make sure that we shared here how much we love and appreciate her.

Thank you Kendall (and Jesse!)…for everything.