With so much going on we have failed to share some fabulous news with you all…Ben Towne Foundation has a new employee! Ms. Kendall Gamble.

We have known Kendall (and her fabulous husband Jesse) for over a decade. She has been a volunteer with Camp Side by Side and has had personal experience with pediatric cancer – as her sister Andra had ALL when she was a child. Kendall has an incredible memory, an amazing attention to detail and an uncanny ability to think of the three plus things that haven’t even occurred to you around any given project. Her dry sense of humor and unflappability are a welcome addition to our office. We are so lucky to have her on staff with us now, especially after I spilled scalding hot tea all over her lap when pitching the job to her. Nice Carin.

As Project Manager, Kendall will be handling donor correspondence, managing our database, coordinating special projects, updating Facebook and more. And we couldn’t be happier. Welcome aboard Kendall!  I promise not to drink hot beverages around you.