langley and team btf

In the mid-90’s I had the privilege of meeting Cory Harding while I was leading Young Life at Sammamish High School. Cory was one of those students who was older than his years, with a sharp wit and great smile. He went on to Western Washington University where he would meet and eventually marry one of my sister Kim’s closest friends Kate. #smallworld

Cory died from glioblastoma multiforme in July of 2005 (just two days before Ben was born). He was 28 years old. Cory’s amazing spirit lives on today in the lives of Kate, his beautiful daughter Langley and their extended family. Next month marks the ten-year anniversary of Cory’s death and to commemorate his life, Kate and Langley are running a 10K together! Langley’s personal message on her fundraising page truly touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you all…

langley photo

My name is Langley and my dad’s name is Cory. He died in 2005 after a long fight with glioblatoma multiforme. My mom and I want to do something to celebrate him in July, near the 10 year anniversary of when he passed away. We are running a 10k on July 11th to raise money for Ben Towne Foundation in his memory. My dad loved life and everyone in it! 10k for 10 years – join us in celebrating my dad by supporting Ben Towne Foundation!

Thank you so much Langley (and Kate) for all the ways in which you support Ben Towne Foundation! We honor you and Cory. Best wishes next month for your upcoming race!

And a shout out to all our Team BTF members this summer as they swim, golf, run and walk to raise awareness for the work happening at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research – we are grateful! #TeamBTF