launch celebration

I have always been good at expressing myself. Perhaps it’s because I listened to Madonna incessantly in junior high, or maybe because I studied theatre in both undergrad and graduate school. Either way I find myself today in foreign territory – as I am at a loss as to how to fully capture what Friday night felt like for us. It was an amazing, overwhelming and surreal experience.

Music. Friends. Laughter.

I swayed between disbelief that anyone besides my parents would actually show up and utter joy that so many fantastic lovely people came out to support, dream and celebrate with us. As I looked across the room I tried to take it all in. Almost six hundred people. Wonderful, compassionate and beautiful people. (Apparently we are going to be the charity for the good looking – as you all looked incredible!) The atmosphere was electric, exciting and fun. Glasses cheered, hugs were given, reunions were had.

Purpose. Mission. Movement.

I vacillated in a crazy way between wondering what I was doing there and where Ben was – to a complete, strong and clear picture of where we are going and what we are going to do. It is this kind of mania and certainty that is allowing us to move forward with no fear. My favorite quote of the night was Dr. Jensen joking that he had asked for two and a half hours and we gave him ten minutes. He was warm, engaging, funny and of course brilliant.

Love. Change. Hope.

Thank you to everyone who came, especially those of you who traveled great distances – your presence meant the world to us. Our deepest appreciation to those of you who were able to give. And for those of you who are going to help us tell this story – the story of what is starting here in Seattle. That there is hope. That we are going to change the way childhood cancers are treated and cured.

Amazed. Generous. Grateful.

And since you are probably wondering, we crossed the five hundred thousand dollar mark! To be exact, $504,326.11 was given the night of September 10, 2010, with additional gifts promised. We are absolutely blown away! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is with that INCREDIBLE level of generosity and our commitment to be good stewards that Ben Towne Foundation is officially launched!

Stay tuned for a highlight video…