When Ben was first diagnosed in 2007, the hospital staff kept asking us if we had met the Lewis family yet. They were just a few weeks ahead of us in diagnosis and expecting a baby as we were. We finally connected (shortly after the birth of their son Peyton), discovering that we had mutual friends even, having grown up in the Northwest.

We spent the next year together as our boys endured chemo, radiation, transplant as well as a clinical trial for an anti-body therapy, all of which were brutal. As much as you hated to know another family was being subjected to this, it was a comfort to have people who understood the immediacy of what you were experiencing without words. We laughed a lot, watched a lot of Mariners games while in-patient and of course shared many tears.

Since then Logan has done amazingly well and Jason and Kelly have been a consistent presence at our BTF events. But now almost seven years later they find themselves in this nightmare again, as Logan has relapsed. He begins chemotherapy this week.

We feel crushed for them.

So if you are the hoping, praying, vibe-sending kind, please offer up yours for our friend Logan and the Lewis family. Mine are just tears, but I trust the universe hears those as well.