FACT: Approximately one in 300 children will receive a cancer diagnosis before the age of 20.


“We faced the hottest day of the summer and I asked my mom if we could have a lemonade stand.  She thought that was a great idea and asked if I was going to charge money; and if so, what would I use the money for? I said the Ben Towne Foundation. My brother Gabriel and I made signs on the easel and decorated a donation jug. My mom made lemonade and we were in business. Within minutes, we were hopping with customers. I got the chance to tell each customer about my cousin Ben, and what their donation would help do – cure pediatric cancer! I talked to kids, adults, grandparents, even the mail carrier and garbage truck driver! My mom had to make more lemonade and I kept telling her ‘just a little bit longer Momma!’

People asked how much the lemonade cost and I told them, ‘It’s free, but you can make a donation if you want to.’ Everyone wanted to know about Ben. Some people would leave and come back with more money after hearing his story! In all, we raised $40. $40 for doctors to make kids feel better. It was fun to honor Ben and to tell people about pediatric cancer. We love you Ben!”

And we love you Mason. Thank you. You are awesome, hilarious, and such a great big cousin.