one month!

We are officially a month out from our Launch Celebration! I am feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. It is a bit like planning a wedding, only knowing ahead of time that the groom won’t show. I can tell I am having some anxiety because last night I dreamt I was at the event and a number of things went wrong. First, during our program there was a video montage playing of Tiger Woods and all his mistresses. Secondly, my front tooth had chipped. Then I remembered I had left something at home, so I borrowed a car to go get it. By the time I returned most people had left, so I sat down at a table with my friend Morna’s husband who proceeded to give me pointers on how to conduct telephone surveys. As Sasha Baron Cohen would say, “Great success!” Needless to say, in my dream the evening was a complete bust. 

Based on the guest list though I am pretty sure that won’t happen. There are so many fun, fabulous and smart people joining us – thank you to everyone who registered! It will be amazing and strange to have such a large crowd, one that both honors our son and embraces our new direction. And yet, the only person I really want to be there cannot be present – at least in a physical way. I remember sitting in the front row at Ben’s memorial and thinking, “What? This is for my son? Why is his picture on this program? I think I will go home and see him now.” A combination of shock and complete insanity. There is no way for your mind and body to process such a separation at that point. It is still hard to comprehend it now, so I suspect on September 10th it will feel very surreal. But there is an excitement. At times I am sitting in meetings and I feel like Ally McBeal – hearing a soundtrack that no one else can hear. But in one month the speakers will be turned on! There is a lot to do between now and then – hopefully my teeth will remain un-chipped. And if Tiger Woods wants to come we will welcome him, mistresses and all. They can have their own table! It could be a great way to rebuild his image right?

Looking forward to seeing you there…