our mission

Our Mission: Ben Towne Foundation’s goal is to accelerate the pace of pediatric cancer research – changing the way childhood cancers are treated and cured.

Two days before treatment ended for our son Ben, he told us he was “all done at Children’s Hospital.” He had never used those words before; rather, he would exclaim, “We did it!” at the end of various hospital stays and procedures. But something in him knew, even at the age of three and a half. There was something different in his voice — he was all done.

In the aftermath of Ben’s illness and life there have been times when we wish we could be done too — that we could turn our backs and walk away from what we have seen. But the reality of Ben’s journey and the truth that we now know — that pediatric cancer is the number one disease killer of children — will not let us; for there is work to be done. And we intend to do it. We will be a voice for pediatric cancer research — a voice for children who cannot speak for themselves.

Our foundation is unique in that our costs are fully supported. This means that every gift to Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation right now is a donation that goes 100% toward research. And from research will come cures.

With your help, we will end childhood cancer. And then — and only then — will the words “all done” be fully realized.

Please join us.