Plan Ahead For Super Bowl Transportation

Plan Ahead For Super Bowl Transportation

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super bowl transportation

When it comes to super bowl transportation, it is important to plan ahead. This will help you avoid any crazy traffic or parking fees during your trip. It is also a good idea to get a car service to help you navigate the area. This will allow you to enjoy every moment of your trip.

On game day, parking onsite at SoFi Stadium is very limited. The cost of onsite parking is $120 per standard car and $240 for limos or buses. Offsite parking is available at Valley Metro rail, which has a dozen free park and ride shuttle options as well as five staffed taxi and rideshare lots. The NFL OnePass app is valid for light rail fare during the event.

Kimley-Horn worked closely with the NFL, GDOT, and other local agencies to develop and implement preemption traffic signal timing plans along major NFL transport routes. This reduced congestion, enhanced the safety of police escorts and vehicle movements, and improved the efficiency of bus transit.

Super Bowl Transportation Insights: Routes to the Championship Game

In addition, GDOT implemented real-time communication with the Super Bowl host committee and other partners to communicate and respond to changing circumstances and events. This was critical to successfully orchestrating traffic operations for the city’s biggest event ever, which impacted more than a million attendees and personnel in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

While navigating the area during this busy time can be difficult, it is possible to have a great Super Bowl trip. If you take the time to plan out your transportation, you can make sure that you get to all of the events during this special time.

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