Guess who called me last week? President Obama!! Here is what he said: “Hi. This is Barack Obama and I am calling on behalf of…” I think he said something after that as well but he lost me at “on behalf of”. You can imagine my sinking disappointment as I realized he wasn’t actually calling for me. He wasn’t inviting me to join him, Michelle, Sasha and Malia for Christmas at the White House – where I would sit with them and gaze jealously at Carrie Underwood and her Barbie-like physique. He seemingly left out the part too where he says, “…and Air Force One will be picking you up at 09:30.” There was no makeover involved, or a swing through Chicago to meet Oprah, nor an invitation to have cocktails with Keith Olbermann. Needless to say it left me in quite a depressive state. Following his call I also was phoned by Patty Murray, a school teacher in Issaquah, Kate from the Sierra Club, those for 1100 or 1107 (I can’t remember which) and those against it, and various others – multiple times.

Today though, finally, my home phone is silent. It is almost eerie. I am so thankful that we have reached the end of the political campaign season. My voicemail (and smail mail) just can’t take it anymore. Here is one thing I can promise you: Ben Towne Foundation will never robo call you – ever. No matter how big we grow, you will never pick up the phone and hear (in a higher register than my own), “(pause) Hello. I’m Carin. Mother of Ben. And founder of Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you for your recent donation. (pause) Goodbye.” 

We value our donors and hope to treat them each with honor and gratitude. We know you have a choice where to invest philanthropically and your decision to support the work we are doing is greatly appreciated. You have given generously and overwhelmingly as we launch into this new endeavor. As we approach this season of giving, we want to say thank you again and remind everyone that as your companies and friends consider end of the year financial giving, host holiday parties and make decisions for future charity involvement, we hope you will make mention of our foundation and help us tell the story of what is happening here in Seattle: that there is hope in the future of treating and curing childhood cancer.

At times, I have started to feel like a politician myself, for I am repeating this message over and over. But I can’t help it. For this is something we actually can change! This isn’t about a political party, who is taking money from lobbyists, which candidate is telling the truth, or who will restore Washington. We’re not throwing the word “change” around because it is a good sound bite – this is about changing the way kids are treated and ultimately cured from cancer. It is a platform we can all agree on. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Blue States, Red States, People who drink Tea, People who prefer Coffee, and yes…robo-callers too. Together we believe truly that “Yes we can!”

I am Carin Towne and I approve this message.