seahawks, q13 and ben

The Seahawks season is over. No more doing laundry nightly because Ryan has to wear his Kam Chancellor jersey, no more game day stress eating and my nails will finally have a chance to grow back, since Homeland is over as well. Like most Seattleites we were swept into the playoffs and Super Bowl craze once again.

Despite repeating to myself, “this doesn’t effect my life, this doesn’t effect my life” on Sunday the intensity got the best of me. At one point I yelled, “Suck it Tom Brady” in front of my son, nephews and in-laws. #awesome. I apologized and said that was wrong (as is letting an equipment manager take the fall for you). But perhaps Tommy and Gisele will donate part of their “inflated” millions to childhood cancer, as they seem philanthropically inclined.

Speaking of childhood cancer, I would like to give a huge shout out to Marni Hughes at Q13Fox for this piece she did as part of an in-depth series focused on the work happening at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. We were especially grateful for her thoughtful inclusion and remembrance of Ben. Over the past five years we have had the privilege of telling Ben’s story to various media outlets. Marni’s huge heart and perspective as a mother radiates through her work. I hope Seattle can hold onto her, unlike Darrell Bevell.

*pops skittles in mouth*