Welcome to September! I honestly cannot believe I am saying that already. Our family has had a very fortunate summer filled with lots of adventure, but we are definitely ready for the routine and predictability of fall. Organizationally I’m on top of it – school supplies and a new backpack are lining our hallway, soccer cleats have been purchased (thanks so much World Cup for introducing Ryan to soccer “fashion” – not), and lunch packing items fill my pantry once again. Ryan will start first grade on Wednesday. He told us the other day that all he has left to do are “all the grades, college, pro and then retire!” Yep, that is pretty much all you have left to do buddy.

All I have left to do now is get past the back to school family photos and the initial hard conversations with new school families. I am keenly aware that there is only one lunch box to pack in the morning, especially at this time of year. I know I am not alone – there are unfortunately thousands of families like mine trying to breathe deeply. There are kids who will never get to go to school or will not be able to continue because of current treatment or remaining side effects. In addition, every day an entire classroom full of children will be diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

I wish I didn’t know this (and you probably wish I weren’t telling you). It’s not exactly an uplifting message. However advocating for children and gathering later this month to raise awareness and funding is. That is what we will be doing. We will continue to speak the truth until the truth changes – that ALL kids should be treated and cured in way that preserves their minds and bodies. We are so grateful that so many of you feel the same and will be joining us at our benefit this year!

Until then, best wishes from our family to yours for a happy and healthy school year! #GoHawks #GoDawgs #insertyourteam #CarrieUnderwoodSNF #blakesheltonbackinmylife #BTFbenefit2014

Welcome to September.