Friends it is September! So you know it must be love and the US Open! #roger #ben

I’ll admit I am arriving at this month in a bit o’ flames. Our family had a great summer filled with lots of cousin time, sports camps, crabbing, camping, and amazing country concerts. For Ryan it has been magical. For me…summer can be a bit bumpy – like learning to drive a stick shift rather than an automatic. I have found that for myself, when your emotional life is unpredictable, its helpful to have your daily life be as predictable as possible. In other words, schedule and routine can hold you in place when you feel turbulent. The day’s standard plan can carry you; I can stay in my lane easier. But take that away, make every day or every week different, and I start to get cracks in my system. It leaves too much room. I get emotionally messy.

So unlike some of my friends and family who relish in the flexibility of summer – for me fall can’t arrive soon enough. I am ready. All I have left to do now is get past the back to school family photos and the initial hard conversations with new school families. Then we are off…soccer, Husky games, Seahawks, Carrie Underwood, Sunday dinners and more. And of course – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

ccaware image

As has been our routine (and many of yours!) for the past five years, we will be gathering later this month to raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer. We will continue to spread the message that ALL kids should be treated and cured in way that preserves their minds and bodies. We are so grateful that so many of you feel the same and will be joining us at our final benefit this year.

Until then, best wishes from our family to yours for a happy and healthy school year!

Welcome to September!

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