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This spring we have found ourselves in awe of kids near and far who are supporting Ben Towne Foundation. Their ideas, efforts and hearts amaze us. We want to thank each and every one of them for their HUGE life-affirming contributions to BTF! We are grateful for your participation and you prove what we know to be true: that kids can change the way pediatric cancers are treated and cured. Take a look…

A letter from our friend Ellie… 

ellie j note

“The Dragons” soccer team in Boise, Idaho chose to forgo end of the season trophies and instead make a contribution to BTF!


(photo courtesy of Gina Maria Photography)

A letter from our friends Brooke and Jack… 

brooke note 

Our friends, Nico, Taran, Connor, and Daniel decided to run a half court basketball tournament at Pine Lake Middle School last month. They called it “Hoops 4 Ben”. Raising over $400 for BTF, the winner of the tournament was the Banana Slugs!  Check out a snapshot video of the event here

Here are some of the kids whose families are involved with our Boise Chapter running a lemonade and toy sale to help raise funds and awareness for BTF!

boise chapter lemonade

Of course a blog about kids making a difference would not be complete without featuring our incredible friend Callie of Callie’s Coffee. There are so many exciting things happening with Callie’s Coffee and we look forward to updating you as the summer goes on.

callie june 2013

And finally, our adorable nieces who decided that a random Friday in Cleveland, Ohio should be Ben Towne Foundation day!

April 2012 218

Again, our incredible thanks to all these beautiful kids for their huge hearts. Every effort big and small makes a difference and means so much to us. We look forward to seeing so many of our young Seattle friends this Saturday at Monsters University! Happy Summer!!