stories: chuck and gly

This could be the coolest BTF story you have ever read!  Enjoy the following excerpt from GLY Construction’s newsletter, written by Pamela Leptich…

GLY man-lift operator Chuck Welsh lost his mom; then his wife Cindy lost hers. A friend became gravely ill. Things weren’t going well, so Chuck decided to start something positive. He began with one dollar carefully blue-taped to his manlift serving all floors of Vulcan’s Block 35 construction project [now’s “Arizona” building].


When people asked, Chuck let them know he was starting a charitable collection for cancer research. So they started contributing a buck or a five at a time … crew members, subcontractors, architects, client reps, project managers, essentially anyone who rode up and down in Chuck’s man-lift. The walls began to be taken over by carefully taped one and two dollar bills in a grid pattern. Elevator riders became engaged. People sometimes got emotional, writing messages to loved ones on the posted bills, or posting on the wall itself. 




When all was said and done Chuck had collected $1446! GLY Project Engineer Kyle Morgan introduced him to Ben Towne Foundation. Chuck was impressed that 100% of donations to BTF went directly to research so he chose us to be the recipient of all this incredible love and generosity. From there GLY chose to match his contribution for a total of nearly $3,000!!

Jeff and Chuck

We are so grateful to Chuck, Cindy, Kyle, GLY and everyone who participated in this very moving (no pun intended) campaign!  Thank you!!