stories: dylan

About 1,340 children are expected to die from cancer in 2012.
-American Cancer Society

Jeff, Dylan, Ryan and Callie

“We have been organizing the Montrachet Carnival for about 6 years now. I started out wanting to show my children what it’s like to give back to the community and my hope was that we could continue the carnival tradition and for them to some day take over the running of it. That finally happened this year with my oldest, Dylan who is 16. We mostly decide on the charities through word of mouth or by being touched personally in the community. Three years ago we donated to Children’s Hospital and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in honor of Maddy Callahan, a little girl in our community who battled leukemia and passed away in December of 2009. Since the carnival is mostly run by children, it seems fitting that the organizations we raise money for are primarily to help children and their families.

We found out about Ben Towne through a friend and neighbor, Karen Cox, who is a founder of the group W2O, which gathers women together to provide financial assistance to local non-profit charitable organizations, including Ben Towne Foundation. We were very moved by Ben’s story and her enthusiasm about the foundation.

This was the first year that Dylan has run the carnival. He mostly spread the word by sending out emails, putting up signs and posting on Facebook. The carnival was a huge success! We raised over $1300 in about 3 hours. It was great having Jeff Towne there as well as Ryan and Callie from Callie’s Coffee. They talked a bit at the end of the carnival (we always end it with a talent show and a short talk about why we’re all there) and I really think they touched a lot of people and hopefully planted some seeds in the kid’s minds about how they can make a difference in the world.”

*Our gratitude to Dylan, the Pruitt family as well as the entire Montrachet neighborhood and friends for this super fun event!  Your community efforts and generosity are much appreciated! Thanks for letting Ben Towne Foundation and Callie’s Coffee be part of your Carnival this year!