stories: emily and kelly

Two beautiful girls celebrated their birthdays recently and chose to use their special days as a way to honor Ben Towne Foundation. Meet Emily and Kelly…

Emily’s 6th Birthday – Seattle, WA

Ben has been a part of our lives since we met him at UPC during summer camp. My boys (at the time 5 and 7) visited him in Jeff’s office, and of course, he was playing with his cars. He was a cheerful as could be, and it was hard for my boys to believe he was sick. We prayed for Ben, and we pray for the Foundation and the cure for cancer. Cancer has been a part of our lives as it has affected too many family members and friends. The kids have experienced the destruction and the “hope”. Your foundation brings Hope! Our family has watched your video on your website. Your faces are connected to the goal: collect donations for the foundation to find a cure. We’ve been receiving your updates about kids who have organized creative ways to make money for your foundation: lemonade stands, girl scout troops with fun ideas, and the donations from birthday parties. Emily is the first to choose to help “for every birthday party ever”, and the boys will follow suit. Thanks for the inspiration and the determination to make a difference in the fight.

Kelly’s 7th Birthday – Redwood City, CA

I have been hoping for some time that I could find a way to make a contribution to your organization and am hoping that my daughter’s birthday party can do that. She is turning 7 and is finally to an age where I think she is beginning to understand how she can help others. It has special meaning to me as her party will involve having her girlfriends see the production of Annie at her school. When I was five my best friend, Sara died from Leukemia at Seattle Children’s Hospital and during her time there the cast of “Annie” came to see her at the hospital. To tie in the donations to the Ben Towne Foundation gives me great hope that some day parents like you and Sara’s will not have to suffer such agonizing pain.

**Thank you so much to Emily, Kelly and their families for their incredible generosity and selflessness. It means so much that you would use your own celebrations to further our work. We wish you both very healthy and happy next years. Our gratitude…