stories: girl power

Despite the fact that I am still wearing a coat and hat, it seems the 2012 version of spring is here in Seattle. The trees are full and green, the air smells lovely and flowers are blooming everywhere. I walked past a house the other day that had the largest steroid sized tulips you have ever seen. I literally stopped to stare at them because they looked like they were going to explode.

Similarly it seems there have been beautiful, compassionate and extremely generous little girls in recent days whose big hearts have been bursting with support for Ben Towne Foundation. Let me share a few of them with you… 

Ashley – Ashley decided to have a lemonade stand last weekend and enlisted her sister Morgan and friend Charlie help. Their plan is “to raise money at their lemonade stands all summer so there is more to give.”

Lily – “Lily just turned 7 and after some discussions that she really has everything and more than one could possibly need, she decided on a no gifts birthday party. We encouraged her to pick a charity so that if people did want to bring something, they could donate. After telling her about a few, she picked Ben Towne Foundation and on Friday evening she raised $260!”

Kylia – “We have a change jar we fill and then Kylia gets to decide who we donate it to. Without pause, she said Ben Towne Foundation. She even asked others to help us fill it. When we started planning her birthday, she said she wanted her friends to donate to Ben Towne Foundation. Afterwards we were talking about her party and her friends and how she didn’t get any presents. Before I could say how cool that was, she stopped me (somewhat annoyed) and said “Mommy, I DID get presents. My friends gave my present to Ben Towne Foundation so I can help kids feel better.”

These girls are showing what we know to be true: that kids can change the way pediatric cancer is treated and cured. Thank you so much girls!  And thank you to these amazing and compassionate parents who are leading their families in examples of philanthropy.

And speaking of kids…Stay tuned next week for our family event announcement and registration!