stories: gwynne

Last week our friend Gwynne hosted a fantastic wine & dessert party. I had the chance to meet so many wonderful moms from the Magnolia neighborhood. As we move into this second year we continue to be grateful for opportunities to share about what is happening here in Seattle, our foundation and about the future of pediatric cancer research at the Center. This was a perfect way to do that. Gwynne opened up her lovely home and invited a great group of women. Here is what she had to say about it…

1) Why are you involved with the foundation? I’m involved with the foundation first and foremost because I love my friends, Carin and Jeff Towne, and feel like I have to do something to make sure no other family goes through what the Townes experienced. It is gut wrenching to watch your dear friends suffer such a great loss and feel so helpless. This is the least I can do!

2) What led you to think about this idea? Carin and I talked about doing this awhile back. The ladies I know in Magnolia have a monthly “girls night” so this was a no brainer. Then this summer a dear friend and fellow Magnolia family’s daughter was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma. For a lot of families, this is their first experience and exposure to pediatric cancer. This is not okay and I had to introduce the families that I know here in Magnolia to Ben Towne Foundation.

3) What exactly did you do to raise awareness/funds for the foundation? Back in August I was out for a girls night to celebrate dinner for one of the woman’s birthdays and we started talking about college. Long and short of it, two of the women knew the Townes. So that night I invited all the women (and their husbands) to join me at the benefit 2011. I then told them that I was going to follow up with a “Girl’s Night” to have them meet Carin and invite other women who couldn’t make it to the dinner or didn’t know about it. I knew this would be the perfect way to keep the momentum going.

4) How did it work out? The event was fantastic!  I had some great women show up, some I barely knew. The next day I had several of the women come up to me and say how wonderful it was for them to meet Carin and hear her story and that they were deeply impacted. Since the event I’ve had one woman take a copy of the Towne’s story on DVD so she can share it with her husband’s co-workers. I had a second friend tell me she’s going to send an email blast out to all her friends letting them know about Ben Towne Foundation. I had a third woman tell me she would love to help organize a Magnolia Cocktail Party and help raise funds as well.  This is just the beginning and I know more and more families will jump on board and support this amazing organization!

**Thank you so much Gwynne for opening up your beautiful home and introducing us to a network of families in Magnolia. Your willingness to help tell our story and your fun hospitality are greatly appreciated!