stories: heidi, blyth and the girl scouts!

I grew up with Carin – our families have been friends for years. I have read every blog update since Ben became ill, and the Towne family has constantly remained in my heart and mind. After having the honor of attending the amazing launch event in September, I felt driven to do something to help them and this important cause. As a mom, I feel so strongly that kids should not have to go through the pain and suffering cancer brings, so Ben Towne Foundation is my #1 organization to support. I would love to see a cure for childhood cancer in my lifetime so that ALL children–and their families–would not have to suffer from this horrible disease.

When Ben Towne Foundation web site went live after the launch event, I posted it on my Facebook page and told my friend Blyth about the foundation. She was extremely moved after reading through the site and Carin and Jeff’s updates, and came up with the idea of having our daughters’ brownie troop set up a big lemonade stand to raise money and increase awareness about the foundation. Her husband Keith got right to work and built an incredible lemonade stand in his garage.

The ten girls in the brownie troop had a planning meeting where they learned about Ben and the foundation, painted the lemonade stand (including Ben Towne Foundation logo on the top portion), made signs so they could wave down cars, and were each assigned items to bring to the event. They were very excited to be able to do something to help other kids!

Prior to the event, the girls distributed flyers door to door in the neighborhood to promote the lemonade stand–in some cases people donated on the spot–and posted the flyers at our neighborhood Starbucks, Matthew’s Thriftway, and elementary school. The moms sent out mass emails to friends, and posted promotional items on their Facebook pages several days before–and the day of–the event.

We woke up to sunshine the day of the lemonade stand–it was the only day of sun on both sides of the week. We took this as a special sign! There was a HUGE turnout, with $1550 raised and promises for more donations. While the girls were selling, they also distributed information sheets that included Ben Towne Foundation logo and web site, and the moms compiled a contact sheet for those who wanted more information.

We were extremely happy with the results and that we were able to reach so many people in the neighborhood and beyond. My daughter is still talking about it, so it definitely resonated with her. It was a great lesson for the girls that they will carry with them in the years to come!

*Thank you so much to Heidi, Blyth, Keith and Troop # 41132 for your incredible efforts!  We have a new section of our website – “get involved” – up and running and hope you will check it out!