stories: jackie and skip

Recently Jackie and Skip hosted a fantastic cocktail/dessert party at which Dr. Jensen and the Townes were able to speak. Together, they were able to share about the future of pediatric cancer research and about the new Center for Childhood Cancer – which will be officially opened in July. Jackie and Skip invited their network of friends and colleagues for a fabulous evening at their home – and here is what Jackie had to say about it…

Why are you involved with the foundation? Our family connection is what started this. We are very close to Ben’s Aunt Peggy and Uncle Bo, and were very involved, from a distance, in what was happening to Ben – and Carin and Jeff. It would be impossible for us to not get involved. We are committed.

What led you to think about this idea? Just knowing our friends, we felt that giving them as much information as possible, in an intimate setting, was really important. We knew that hearing Jeff and Carin speak, as well as having direct contact with Dr. Jensen would be fantastic. Everyone who attended the event came away with respect, interest and a desire to know more, and to do something!

What exactly did you do to raise awareness for the foundation? The casual and intimate setting during cocktail hour, and then the more formal format during the “talk” provided the group with a lot of information. We DID raise awareness that evening, and I’m sure some of the people who were there will be contributors in the future. We felt great about the evening. I think it was very successful. We are anxious to do another one!

*Thank you Jackie and Skip so much for opening up your home and network to Ben Towne Foundation. Your generosity, vision and hospitality have been a highlight of this first year of our organization.

*If you are interested in hosting your own event, please email for more information.