stories: jenn & tyler

In case you needed to see a little love in your life on this Valentine’s Day – meet our friends Jenn & Tyler…

Jenn: I began nannying for the Towne family in 2009, one year after Ben died. I had known Jeff from University Presbyterian Church and had followed Carin’s blog throughout Ben’s fight against the evil disease known as cancer. I remember attending the special prayer night at the church days before Ben passed. I sat in silence, cried and prayed because it felt like it was all I could do. A year later, when I heard the Towne family needed someone to watch their youngest son, Ryan, I jumped at the opportunity. Playing with a two year old so his parents could end childhood cancer sounded pretty darn purposeful to me. I watched and admired Jeff and Carin as they intently researched, met frequently with the foundation’s partners, and planned their first Ben Towne Foundation launch event.

Tyler: Soon after Jenn and I got engaged, we began talking about how we could use our wedding to raise support for the Ben Towne Foundation. When it came time to pick out favors for our guests, it seemed we had three main options: tubes of bubbles, candle holders, and mini-bags of jordan almonds. We were determined to find something more purposeful. Together, we decided that in lieu of purchasing favors, we would take a few minutes at the reception to share Ben’s meaningful story and make a $1 donation on behalf of each guest. We donated $130 dollars and matched it 3:1 through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation employee program, raising a total of $520 for BTF.  Way better than bubble tubes.

We believe in the work that Dr. Jensen is doing and the passion and fury that fuels Jeff and Carin.  We look forward to Carin’s future blog that deems childhood cancer “all done.”

*We would like to thank Jenn & Tyler so much for using their incredible celebration to honor Ben and our foundation. The only thing bigger than your smiles are your hearts!  Thank you for your amazing generosity and thoughtfulness.