stories: kyle and cindy

In this season of “Thanksgiving” we are incredibly grateful for the friends we have had with us throughout this entire journey. Though we have been fortunate to make new ones along the way, the people who have been with us since Ben’s diagnosis hold a very special place in our hearts. One such couple is Kyle and Cindy.

Kyle and Cindy have been friends since college and huge supporters of Ben Towne Foundation. They have been table captains at our benefit and have generously introduced their network of colleagues to our mission. On top of that, this summer they threw a fabulous Wine & Dessert event at their beautiful home – to raise awareness and funding for the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. It was such a fun and festive evening and we were grateful for the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones as well. Here is a bit about it in their own words…

Why are you involved with the Foundation?

Cindy and I are college friends with Jeff and Carin. Jeff and I swam together, shared a lane, and did dry land training together (he even stood me up for a dry land training to go and propose to Carin – I still have not forgiven him for that). Cindy and Carin were sorority sisters at Gamma Phi. I guess we were the only Husky Swim Team/Gamma Phi couples. Ben’s fight with neuroblastoma hit home for us. Our son Andrew has had three friends – Ben, Katie, and Emerson – all fight neuroblastoma. Three more than any child should know.

What led you to think about this idea?

Ben Towne Foundation focuses on the children, but every once in a while it is also important to focus on the parents. Jeff and Carin are such amazing individuals in their own right, and even more amazing as a couple. What they are doing for families around the world is truly incredible. We wanted to celebrate them and all of the couples that we hold dear to us. So we proposed dinner out with your significant other and then a dessert and drinks get together with friends. This seemed like a great way to do this.

What exactly did you do to raise awareness/funds for the Foundation?

Jeff and Carin mingled with most of guests and had the opportunity to tell their story. We had envelopes and informational brochures at the exit – along with caramels to go! Everything worked out great. It was a very fun evening and we raised more than we would have predicted. We hope to make it an annual event.

*Kyle and Cindy’s event raised $4,270.00!  For that, their friendship and incredible support we are very grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well – from all of us at Ben Towne Foundation.