stories: langley and martha

My granddaughter has “caught the excitement” of the new Boise Chapter of Ben Towne Foundation! Here’s her story about how we decided to celebrate our buddy-birthdays this year by honoring her dad and Ben…

I heard about Ben Towne Foundation from my mom. She told me the story of Ben’s cancer and that he died when he was just three. I felt pretty bad. One of the reasons I wanted to help raise money to find a cure for cancer like Ben’s is because of my dad, Cory. He had brain cancer and died when I was just two years old. So this year for my 9th birthday, I asked my friends and my family to please give me money for Ben Towne Foundation instead of giving me any presents. My Grammy and I always celebrate our birthdays together. She decided to do the same thing. Together we received $625 that we are sending to Ben Towne Foundation. Grammy and I really hope they find a cure for cancer so that someday, no one has to lose someone they love to cancer.”

**Thank you Langley and Martha for your big hearts and for being part of our new chapter in Boise, Idaho!  We are so thankful for your efforts!  We too hope that someday, no one has to lose someone they love to cancer. Happy Birthday to you both!