stories: payton

My family went to see the movie Brave early this summer and picked up our coin boxes from our friends the Townes. All summer long, my brother, sister and I thought of different ways we could raise money to put in our coin boxes. We could sell lemonade or sell our old toys, but I wanted to do more and get more people involved. I told my mom and dad that I wanted to raise a lot of money for the Ben Towne Foundation. My brother and I had the idea to sell doughnuts, but by August, the mornings at the beach were already getting chilly. The next day I was with my younger brother and sister at the beach club. It was a hot day, and we all felt like an ice cream sundae. Then it hit me… we could have an ice cream sundae bar at the beach club. I couldn’t wait to tell my parents!

My mom picked a good date and sent an Evite to all of my incoming 7th grade class. What better way to raise money then to get together with all of my friends from my class! It ended up being a huge success. All of my friends and classmates were excited to help me fill our coin boxes and build our ice cream sundaes. It was a pretty sunny day at the beach, and we all had a good time and knew that we were doing something good for other kids and their families. Over all we raised $270.88!  I am looking forward to dropping off all of this money at the coin drive in University Village real soon. I hope the day comes when no child has to have cancer.

*Thank you Payton!!  Your willingness to get your friends involved means so much to us. You guys did an amazing job!  We look forward to seeing you at the Coin Drive on Sunday!