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One of the truly inspiring things that has happened this past year has been the opportunity to meet new people and see the ways in which they are willing to come along side our work with their own networks and interests. The Seattle-Eastside Bar Method has been one of those organizations. SEBM has been supporting Ben Towne Foundation this last year through their own challenges and campaigns. Take a look…

“We are happy that so many of our clients have rallied around this important cause through the efforts of the Bar Method community in both Seattle and on the Eastside.

  • 250 clients completed the TEN FOR BEN CHALLENGE in September raising $2500
  • 165 clients completed the MARCH MADNESS / SWEET 16 CHALLENGE in March raising $1650
  • In total our clients took 5140 Bar Method classes in the name of Ben and raised $4,150


This truly has been a community effort. We were grateful to have received corporate support and involvement from a number of local business through giveaways and incentives provided to our challenge participants. These companies include: Nordstrom / Zella, Vita Spa Seattle and Julep. Also, we were excited when our front desk guru Melanie chose to make Ben Towne Foundation the focus of her WSU college class’s fundraising efforts (ironic considering your fierce loyalty to the DAWGS).

In summary, we have experienced a large community of people who have been energized by this cause. Through this journey we have discovered clients who are personal friends and sorority sisters of Carin, clients whose careers are dedicated to fighting cancer and clients who have personally been affected by the loss of a child to cancer. We have also discovered many who are becoming aware of this cause and have been inspired to become more involved. This is exciting!!!  The bonus for many of our clients is that they have seen huge transformations in their own lives, becoming more fit and healthy.

We want you to know that there continues to be a large surge of support for what you are doing… even in places where you may least expect it (Bar Method). Your loss was tragic but it is incredible the amount of love and support that has come through your loss and is bringing about a massive sea change.  Thank you for everything you have done and are continuing to do!! “

** Thank you so much to Luke, Bev, Maika and everyone who participated in the Seattle-Eastside Bar Method challenges. We are grateful for your support, creativity and generosity!

Seattle Foundation members, mark your calendars for the GiveBIG giving event next week!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A one day online giving event. Donate by credit card on The Seattle Foundation’s website, select Ben Towne Foundation as your beneficiary and your gift will extend even further thanks to GiveBIG sponsors.