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Some of you may know that I have administered a March Madness basketball contest for over thirty years. This year is no different and I am excited about Selection Sunday and to make my picks!

I have decided this year to take a portion of the entry fee and donate to Ben Towne Foundation. It won’t be a lot of money, the entry fee is $10 and we are taking $3 from each for the foundation. But I am hopeful that by doing this it will expose the foundation to some people that may not be aware of it.

We all have a lot of worthy choices for our charitable dollars. The foundation is my choice for a couple of reasons. First, personally – Jeff’s sister Deborah is my daughter-in-law. But more importantly, if we can make a few minutes or few hours for a kid to be kid by our giving then how can we not?


BTF is honored to be a part of your March Madness Tom!  Thank you for taking something fun that you, your friends and colleagues already do and using it as a way for others to learn about us. We love that!

As per the Towne Family tradition of every person having a bracket, this year I will once again be using my own “creative methods” for selecting my picks. Past themes have included “What school would I rather have Ryan attend?” or “Which city would I rather live in?” This year I am considering, “Which team has a color that most closely represents a swatch in the Pottery Barn Spring 2011 Fan Deck?” I figure I will be looking at all my catalogs anyways during the games, but I am open to suggestions. And I look forward to talking to my husband in April.

Go Dawgs!