stories: toys, hotdogs and snow cones!

It all started with a coin box, a movie premiere and your brave boy, Ben. My kids were so moved as we came home in the car. As we shared your story, they came up with the idea of a “toy” sale. We decided to have it at the end of summer so we could turn our coin boxes in at the beginning of September. They were merciless with getting rid of toys. Grace thought they could make “a thousand bucks” alone on Disney princesses, play food and a tattered Hello Kitty backpack. Sam was certain his bag of batman stuff and a lego sword would fetch at least $20. They then shared the idea with their cousins, Grant and Caroline and their buddies, Ellie and Kylie. The six of them started brainstorming and a snow cone and hot dog stand were thrown into the mix! Grant and Caroline’s parents offered their house and Ellie and Kylie’s parents borrowed a truck. We sent out a few emails and bada bing, bada boom, we had a garage sale.

Lots of neighbors stopped by and friends who saw it on Facebook too. We sold hotdogs and snow cones. That was great because it caused people to stay and linger for a bit. We handed out Ben Towne Foundation flyers to educate people of our cause and answered lots of questions. Thanks for giving us the coin boxes and the encouragement to teach our kids about generosity and that life is much bigger than themselves. So far we’ve raised $1007.18!

* Many, many thanks to Grace, Sam, Grant, Caroline, Ellie and Kylie and their awesome parents for this incredible effort! This went waaaaay beyond our expectations of the “coin box”. Incredible!

*We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Sunday at the University Village QFC (North Entrance) for our Coin Drive!  11am-3pm!