What is the Rockstar Weed Strain?

What is the Rockstar Weed Strain?

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Rockstar weed strain is a hybrid strain that leans towards the indica side, making it very relaxing. This cultivar is named after a well-known rock band, but it may be better known for the award it won at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Is indica energy or sleepy?

It is a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star, which means it delivers potent effects without debilitating sedation. This cultivar has a moderate THC level of 17-20%. It has a sweet grape flavor that is mixed with hints of spice and earth.

This is a great strain to enjoy with friends, especially if you are looking for a mood booster that won’t feel overly racy. It also provides a nice body buzz, easing the muscles and relieving pain. It also helps you forget about the things that are stressing you out and can even help improve your appetite.

As the body high starts to take over, you can expect a sense of relaxation that can lead to drowsiness. You can also expect to get the munchies and find yourself chowing down on some snacks.

The aroma of this strain is spicy, reminiscent of mulled wine and spices. It has a strong kush smell with some citrus notes as well. You will notice the smell once you open a bag or container of this strain. The buds are medium sized and dense with a heavy coating of frosty trichomes. This strain grows best indoors and outdoors with a flowering time of about 8 weeks.

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