Biomedica Medical Services

Biomedica Medical Services

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About Biomedica Medical Services

Biomedica Piatra Neamt and calibrating equipment can be an overwhelming task for hospitals, surgery centers, and physician offices. Temporary supplemental biomedical technician resources can keep your in-house team focused on high-end equipment and critical projects while reducing service costs and improving equipment uptime. Agiliti provides flexible solutions ranging from on-demand general biomedical options to fully outsourced clinical engineering programs that include vendor management and capital planning.

What Is It Like to Work at Alliance Biomedica?

Biomedica Management Corporation is headquartered at 760 Parkside Ave, Brooklyn, NY, United States. The company employs around 150 people. The company was founded in 1921. Its revenue in the past year was $33 million. Biomedica Management Corporation serves customers worldwide. The company is a subsidiary of Biomedica Holdings.

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